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Matteo Filippini, Italian musician and mystery artist, provides his view about the effective use of Tarot in Mystery Perforance.

Between the pages you will find suggestions, hints and tips to include this magical tool in your performances. 
The second part of the eBook features several routines with a tarot pack from Matt and a bunch of friends. 

Whether you are a magician, a mentalist/mindreader, a bizarre magick performer, you will find something for you.  

An Introductory Note 
The importance of knowing our tool  
What to do and not to do (the importance of being simple) 
Sleights, Forces & Co. 
Cold reading 
Storytelling With Tarot Cards
 Which deck to use? 

Matteo Filippini 
Gemini Reading 
Other Routines

Alberto Bassino: 
1Tarot Training
2. Gypsy Dream
3. The Pendulum And The Tarot  

Alex Rusconi: 
1. Past, Present, Future
2. Incredible Clairvoyance 
3. The Magic of The Pendulum  

Aroldo Lattarulo:
 Tarot And Numerology 
Suggested bibliography

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